Unedjimacated Syndicates

The label that's for The Poeple.

Contact Us


Anyone can get ahold of us, send us feedback, submit videos and talent at any time to our email, [email protected] We are always listening to the word of the streets.

Additional Contact Info

I have just signed the company up on this thumbtack place. From what I gather it gets our word out there a little more than what we already do! Check it out, it's pretty cool.

<a href="DeaD" id="2E3E751D-6E35-47FD-AD73-B22C15CE3AEE">http://www.thumbtack.com/DeaD-RecorDs-be-slade-by-God-and-raise-above-Tucson-AZ/service/596495">DeaD RecorDs, be slade by God, and raise above!</a>