Unedjimacated Syndicates

The label that's for The Poeple.



I'm the president and owner of Dead Records and Unedjimacated Syndicates. Yes Im a fast rapper, no not all of my raps are fast raps.  I try to express the ghetto side of life and how people like myself that are real and from the streets do by jus fine without money women and fame. Ive made myself, my raps, my company, and my label from nothin and with no ones help. Hence the Syndicate. I dont give a fuck if you famous, rich, or finest bitch alive. If you fake, get the fuck off my website and out of my life. Real talk. Peace.

DxBx Happy Meal

Dubstep Dj, he likes originality. He's a real homey and I've made him a manager on my label, and jus like in democracy, my word as President is law but i confer with each of my artists before making the final say-so. Makes mixes and traditional beats, still working on his talent of developing classic hip-hop/rap beats. As well as participating in Tongue-FU and KlearvoYance, he has a strong solo career.

I have a band, 3 DJs, 4 groups, and 3 artists. TAZePhX, Systematic Failure, DxBx Happy meal, and Steal Blood.



DxBx Happy Meal





I'm also a Dj, and make sick beats, but dont like them personally. Its not the dark and lilting style i like, but still sikcmade.